An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company


Project Management

Planning, implementing, integrating large networks and office automation for corporate designing, documentation and integration of computer networks, ip survillance security system, switching and routing, wireless networking (wi-fi), access control, channel music, voice and voice over ip, fire alarm ect.

Network Auditing

Fault finding and troubleshooting of corporate networks. network auditing with specialised devices for fault finding and troubleshooting of large networks, re-establishment of faulty network, redesigning of existing network, port identification with complete documentation and diagram.

Optical Fibre Maintenance

Splicing and termination of ofc cable. splicing and termination of optical fibrewith specialised device. troubleshooting, fault finding and rectification, re-establishment of fibre network, amc and maintenance

Wireless Systems

Point-to-point, point-to-multi point, wi-fi, wi-max, ip surveillance, wireless security. Point to Point and Point to Multi Point connectivity up to arange of 90 KM, with facility to transfer Data, Voice & Vedio between thedifferent locations. We also cater to our customers need for Wi-Fi, & Wi-Max,with special attention to the security of these Wireless Networks, another ofour expertise is in the field of Wireless Surveillance which is an absolutelyunique & convenient way of monitoring place which are situated at differentgeographical locations.