An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

After Sales Service or Services That We Provide To Our Customers

1.FIBER OPTIC CABLING SERVICES At WEN light Fiber Optic Services, we have the capability and expertise to provide fiber services for inside and outside applications. We utilize industry recognized methods and procedures for all of our clients cabling needs. We offer splicing, testing, terminations, and troubleshooting of existing fiber networks. We service and install both singlemode and multimode systems. All of our fiber optic work is done in accordance with national standards and specifications.

At WEN light Fiber Optic Services, we specialize in designing the most efficient way to install and route your network cabling. Whether you have an existing cabling infrastructure and want to upgrade or if it is a new Cat5, 5e, 6, etc. installation, let us put our expert knowledge to work for you.

3.Structured Cabling: Designing and installing complex structured cabling systems is at the foundation of our business and remains a core strength. We provide structured cabling systems that combine cabling and connectivity products to integrate the voice, data, video and various management systems of a building. Advanced Cabling Systems has partnered with many of the area's leading electrical contractors to provide structured cabling solutions for some of the most high-profile building projects in recent years.

4.CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION We work with our clients to help in the design phase to build a system specifically tailored to their need. Be it a single camera system used simply for viewing, or be it a multi camera system for viewing, monitoring, and or recording, we have the expertise to take the CCTV project from its initial stage completely through the final installation.

5.INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS At WEN light Fiber Optic Services, we can bring our expertise in the ITS industry in an effort to work side by side with the client. Our approach is to be onboard a project from its initial design phase along through installation. We can also offer support to upgrade an existing ITS system. We have industry knowledge of various cameras, wireless applications, dynamic message boards, and various transmission protocols.

6.Network audit Most business now rely on networked applications to operate, from e-mail through to account packages. It is therefore imperative that the network is capable of delivering the applications that drive the business. Our network team can help this delivery by auditing the network infrastructure to review the global picture or diagnosis a specific problem. Our Team review your entire network architecture and make unbiased independent recommendations with the following drivers:

  • To improve current performance
  • Implementation of best practice approaches
  • Recommendations, both short & long term
  • Advice on how best to accommodate future growth